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Rangoli Step by step procedure

How to Make a Simple Diwali Rangoli Pattern Design with Dots


Steps in detail

Step 1: Select the Diwali Rangoli Design

Count how many dots are needed horizontally and how many dots are needed vertically.

step1This design is 9 dots vertically and 9 dots horizontally.

Step2: Apply Gheru (brown earthy clay) on the surface(either on the ground directly or on any flat surface). Design shows rangoli done on a wooden plank left over after carpentry work!


Step 3: If, like me, you cannot make dots in a straight line freehand, use a ruler or a paper already punched with holes. It is always best to use white rangoli powder to make the dots as these are more clearly visible than colour rangoli dots. Colours should be used to fill in the rangoli design.


Step 4: Carefully lift the punched-holes paper by raising it and quickly tilting it off to the side on a paper, so that the rangoli powder on the paper does not spill on to the flat surface of your design.

Step 5: Start the design by taking a small pinch of the white rangoli powder. Many people make the mistake of picking up the powder the way they do salt or masala powder, with the thumb and forefinger tightly holding the powder and dropping it straight on the surface to make the lines of the design. What you should do is hold the rangoli powder in such a way that it sort of trickles off from the side very gently. This creates a much thinner line than if you simply dropped it directly on the surface.

step4Note the gentle sideways movement of sprinkling the white rangoli powder

Step 6: Start the design from one corner and move on to the other corners, as it is then easier to do the center pattern of the rangoli design.
step5Do one corner first

Step 7: After doing the 4 corners, do the center diamond pattern

step6Corners and center completed

Step 8 and 9: Complete the full design little by little



Step 10: Never put colored rangoli powder directly as filling for the rangoli design. You must always mix it first with a little white powder. However, remember that the more white powder you use, the lighter the shade you will get. So put little at a time till you get the desired colour shade.

step10Mixing colured golden powder with a little white rangoli powder

Step 11 onwards till final completion: Now, fill up each section of the rangoli design with other colours. Do not overdo it and make it over-the-top colourful!





15 17

Diyas and RangoliYou may put a small diya design in the blank space next to the main design

 In many cities  this type of paper is sold by street vendors in the bustling market areas. In Mumbai one my find  Dadar and Crawford Market. It is available for Rs.10/- and Rs.15/- depending on whether it is small or big.

Anyone can make such a paper at home yourself too simply by punching holes. Buy a punch which creates small holes, use a ruler & pencil to mark even spaces on the paper where the holes should appear and you can punch the holes with one end of the punch. If you use both ends of the punch, the space will be wide; in that case you can place the punch in-between the spaces of the first holes.

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